Khizer Surgi Co.
is a reputed company that designs, manufactures and exports finest hair shears, manicure and pedicure instruments, as measured by innovation, quality and services. Our range of product supplies include Barber Razor Scissors Razor, Thinning Shears, Cuticle Nippers, Cuticle Nippers, Tweezers, Pushers, Nail Files, Nail Scissors, Cuticle Scissors and Fancy Scissors, Manicure Bowls, Kidney Dishes, Instruments Tray and All Dental Instruments.

We are reliable, competent and have an excellent reputation amongst our clients.

We are Tweezers Specialists and Our instruments are tested for the quality assurance at a number of steps during the course of their production.

Management is the key for success in any organization. At Khizer Surgi Co. we have "a" highly skilled professional team. Each employee is a vital asset to the company and helps to improve quality. Education and training is highly ranked at Khizer Surgi Co.. Qualified personnel are hired to make use of the state of the art technology. The company also gives active support to its employees, to improve intellectual, creative, and social development, if needed.

Khizer Surgi Co. supplies quality products extra long functional life, competitive price and warranty that comply with International quality standards.




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